Silicon Europe – SecurIT open call for SMEs

SecurIT aims at co-financing and supporting the development of collaborative projects for the prototyping and the demonstration of digital solutions in the security domain.

The 2nd open call is currently open. The goal is to select at the EU level up to 21 collaborative projects with SME consortium. Winning projects will receive a support from SecurIT and a lump-sum grant up to 74 k€ per project as prototype, and up to 88 k€ per project as demonstrator, for z duration up to 12 months. The financial support is exclusively for SMEs.

Each project will have to fit into one of the 3 domains and 11 challenges in the domain of security, as defined in SecurIT. Each project has to be carried out by at least 2 SMEs, one of them being specialist in digital technologies (the grant has to be shared among the two SMEs, within the limit of 60 k€ per SME).

The application site is currently open, and you can find here the call documents.

The deadline for application is 14th of March.

Several events (webinars, matchmaking session) will be organised in the coming weeks.



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