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Steam Initiatives

Steam Initiatives


Through gamified dynamics, based on programming languages and learning techniques, as well as artificial intelligence models, the TXAC ecosystem trains and guides girls and boys, youth and adults in the development of computer thinking.

The TXAC ecosystem is composed of the following areas of interaction:

  • Toolbox Academy, interaction and learning platform.
  • Txac Planet, multimedia content.
  • Txacathons, dynamics of participation and cooperation
  • Community of Coders

One of the competitive advantages that TXAC brings is “learning how to program as real programmers”.

Build Your Electric Scooter

The “BBKI 4.0 Game”, is a game-based gamified game based on a skater factory as an example of resource management and strategy game, providing the children (8 to 14 years) with a technical and technological vision of industrial processes, stimulating them and approaching them to this environment of industry 4.0, awakening vocations to it.

You can download them for free at:

Google Play

Apple App Store

Games and Exercises for Children and Teachers

Portal with interactive games, videos and exercises categorized according to STEAM classification, a series of contents are developed that prepares students on competencies related to STEAM, through a tool that allows measuring the competencies of children in schools, as well as preparing them to improve those competencies which are not their strong point and are linked to the scope of STEAM.

This initiative has been run with EGILUZE ikastetxea Errenteria and the company Alecop, S.Coop. Ltda