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GAIA Identity

Corporate Identity

We want to commit the whole AKTI sector to use GAIA’s identity in as many settings as you consider relevant (e-mail, catalogues, websites, letterheads, ...), for which we give you the necessary technical means to do so. In case you need a specific format, or you would like to consult us about an issue, you can get in touch with GAIA.

The conditional use logotypes can be used without specific written permission from GAIA under the following conditions:

  • The use of the logo cannot be prejudicial to GAIA’s brand, reputation or esteem.
  • GAIA reserves the right to revoke its authorisation at any time it considers the logo is not being correctly used. In this case, the user commits to ceasing logotype use after receiving the corresponding notification.
  • GAIA would appreciate receiving a sample of all material that has used the logo.