SC4C-Smart Capacities for Cities-GAIA

Range of "smart" products, services and solutions to citizens, governments, companies and players involved.

What are Smart Cities?

We define Smart City as a city which makes use of ICT´s to manage infrastructures more efficiently, offer services provided rationally, provide a higher quality of service to citizens, wherein all its players (users, companies and Government) interact with each other to evolve and improve their activity. This interoperability requires the support of smart networks and platforms. It is also a city committed to its surroundings, both environmental and in terms of cultural and historical elements.

A city committed to serve its citizens and its environmental, cultural and historical surroundings

In this context, a Smart City is a complex system, an "ecosystem" in which multiple players are involved, wherein many closely linked processes coexist that enable new models of business services, relationship with the surroundings, and provides an excellent platform for innovation and creativity of people

An excellent platform for innovation and creativity of people

Value chain of Smart Cities

SC4C GAIA lines of action

Companies that are part of SC4C-GAIA, have experience in different areas of what we define as a "Smart City", providing products/services/projects for the following lines of action

Smart Environment

Use and conservation of natural and energy resources, focusing on highly relevant factors such as: their sustainable management, pollution, sustainable building, green spaces and environmental protection in order to have an impact on the quality of life in cities.

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Smart Mobility

Aspects related to transport of people and goods, and the use of ICT for local, national and international accessibility.

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Smart Living

Smart management of services provided by the city to ensure adequate quality of life, including some as important as health, personal safety, privacy, social services, education, cultural facilities, housing quality and tourist attraction

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Smart People

Importance of human and social capital that people provide to the city in the development of its activities, highlighting virtues such as: physical and psychological preparation, degree of involvement in community life, social diversity and ethics, social relationships, flexibility, creativity, open-mindedness and learning of individuals.

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Smart Economy

Economic development emphasizing aspects of great importance in terms of competitiveness, such as: entrepreneurship, productivity, innovation, labour market flexibility, ability to generate wealth in the surroundings (services that cities can provide to the economic fabric to enhance their ability to generate wealth in the surroundings, etc.).

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Smart Governance

A smart governance should be characterised by an efficient internal management of public services and a high degree of interaction with citizens, affordable through the use of Information and Communication Technologies.

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