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Area Smart Environment
Sub-area Energy/energy efficiency
Company EMS2
Address Avda. Altos Hornos de Bizkaia, 33-Edificio Ilgner, Mod - I15
zip code 48180
Town Leioa
Province Vizcaya
Web page
Customer Ayuntamiento de Durango
Country Spain
Start date 04/2013
End date Actualidad

Durango City Council Energy Monitoring

Telemetry and centralised energy management project for various municipal buildings (Town Hall, 2 sports centres and library). Electricity, gas and water consumption and electricity underconsumption are monitored in areas with the greatest potential for energy savings in all the premises, as well as solar energy production. This monitoring enables us to detect phantom load (standby power) and optimise usage habits, which results in huge energy savings. Basic tool to prioritise and check the results of corrective actions. A 30% reduction in energy consumption was achieved in the Town Hall in the first 6 months after monitoring was introduced