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Area Smart Environment
Sub-area Water and Sanitation
Company Arson
Address Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia, Ibaizabal Bidea, Edificio 500 - 2ª Planta
zip code 48160
Town Derio
Province Vizcaya
Web page
Customer Elster Iberconta
Country Spain
Start date 09/2014
End date 11/2014

Aquacity System. Smart Water

The project proposed by Elster Iberconta to Arson involves the establishment of a REMOTE LANDLINE READING SYSTEM to read various models of water meters using different communications protocols, proving a universal capture system for the recordings of different manufacturers’ meters. A network of 24 reading or levels devices will be installed on an installation of 932 meters that will generate a file with the data collected on a daily basis. Units will be installed in the town of Santurce, with the end customer being Bilbao Water Consortium.